Botanical Collection

by Alice Sisson

Decorate your home with the on trend, nature-inspired Botanical style. The perfect balance of a Scandi-meets-Tropical combination, the Botanical trend is the ideal way to bring the outdoors into the heart of your home.

It trades the polished,
carefully composed look of other trends for mixed textures, layered accessories and unruly foliage. Botanicals can create a beautiful look in any room, and can easily be tailored to any individual taste, making it truly timeless.

 When we think of ‘Botanicals’ our mind naturally thinks of green and brown, earthy tones, complimented by natural wood textures - all of which are great ways to bring this trend to life. Utilising this classic approach can create a highly organic, refreshing and airy interior which is calming for you, and inviting to guests. 

But, any colour goes when it comes to Botanicals. Given the many fantastic colours which nature spoils us with, searching for that perfect colour palette can be easier said than done. If you find yourself struggling, a useful exercise may be to find a nature-focused image you really love, and pick out the key colours. Chances are, you’ll find any of these characterful shades are grounded by more subtle, leafy green tones. 

The beauty with this trend is that you can do as much or as little as you like, and there are endless directions you can drive your personal botanical style towards. Use the two images above as examples of two completely different approaches to the style. On the left, we have a more subdued, rustic and earthy aesthetic.

It’s warmth stems from the velvety fabric of the sofa and browned wood textures. Together they work to build an organic, serene feeling. To the right, we have a more flamboyant look with plenty of personality. Complimenting your statement piece - whether it be through colour, texture or material - is the ultimate way to unify a rooms entire look.

If you are looking to glamorise the Botanical trend, think about introducing more polished and plush materials, such as glass, mirror and velvet. Opt for plants with stylish, sharper edges as opposed to leafy ones, or invite more elegant flowers, such as Hydrangea or Magnolia into the look.

Alternatively, why not try giving your Botanical interior an industrial edge? Think of iron textures, cage-like planters, and muted colours layered upon raw materials.

Lighting is a significant focal point in any room and can be used to really set the tone for the entire impression of a room. Wood based structures are perfect for this trend. Whether it be varnished, distressed, woven or raw, wood emits an 
instinctively authentic quality and compliments green shades beautifully.

Pair your centrepiece with a collection of other light sources to add both depth and warmth - perhaps a charming table lamp, or even candles. 


Key pieces from the collection:

Gallery Faux Banana Palm
Gallery Faux Banana Palm
Gallery Set of 2 Marston with Leather Strap Mirrors
Gallery Set of 2 Marston with Leather Strap Mirrors