How To Light Your Garden – Once The Sun Has Set

by Alex PN

Every summer its hard to escape the talk of 'bringing the outdoors in'. the past few years have seen a huge (very welcome) increase in folding bi-fold doors and indoor plants to breach the gap. One of the main elements which goes into making a space more stylish and comfortable, both indoors and out, is lighting. Just because the sun had gone down, doesn't mean the lights have gone out. 

Here are Olivia's top outdoor lighting tips to help 'bring the outside in'. Lighting  works best as part of an overall scheme, so whilst each of these tips work perfectly alone, they really shine when paired and planned together. 

1 - Focus on small, narrow areas - whilst its easy to attempt the garden as a whole, you'll get most impact from illuminating any slender pathways and dimly lit areas which are shaded by walls, fences and hedges. 

The first reason to focus on these areas is for practicality - light your walkways to ensure you and you're guests are comfortable. 

The second (and very important) reason is for creating a true sense of atmosphere and ambiance. When sitting in the garden, the soft glow you create by lighting these areas will really pick up the space - making them pretty and enchanting rather than dull and hidden. Line the newly lit areas with some planters and outdoor accessories. 

2 - Have multiple moods - think about how you light your home, as night falls you may opt for a dimmer light, when entertaining you might opt for a bright but warm glow - your garden should follow the same rules. 

In the daytime, the sun will do all the work for you, but as dawn falls you need to think about the type of light you want to create. For romantic moments, candles are a must - placed stylishly in hurricane glasses, as a able centrepiece or walkway feature.

Alternatively, if you're entertaining guests and want to create distinct moods remote controlled lighting with multiple colour variants are a great way to do this, from lighted seating and stools to ice buckets.

3 - Bring the indoor out - bridge the gap between your indoor interior and garden by keeping your curtains and shutters open. Your home should flow from the rooms which overlook the garden, straight through to your seating and enchanted areas. Leave some lights on when you're in the garden so those familiar, loved rooms provide further ambiance and feelings of comfort whilst you make the most of your newly lit garden.

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