Maison Reproductions Bookcase Cabinet

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This stunning Maison Reproductions bookcase is designed with elegance and class in mind. Its soft contours and graceful wood-carved embellishments make it the perfect addition to any room or setting. The bookcase will command attention but is never imposing, and the subtle patterning on the upper portions draws the eye without overpowering the space. An intricate pillared design gives the bookcase a regal allure, and patterning on the doors balances the design perfectly. It's a classic piece that possesses a timeless quality. This ornately designed bookcase stands at 222.5cm high. It is 202.5cm wide and has a depth of 50cm.

Dimensions: H:222.5 x W:202.5 x D:50 cm H:222 x W:176.5 x D:47.5 cm

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