Decadent Entertaining

by Alex PN

Think cocktail parties, glamour and the combination of dramatic spaces and rich materials…Immerse yourself straight into this contemporary trend and transform your home into a luxurious sanctuary of entertaining.

What It's All About...

Reminiscent of the thriving ‘20’s and Art Deco period, decadent entertaining is a statement trend that is making a huge comeback in the interior world. The epitome of this trend is all about luxurious velvets, sophisticated tableware and art deco inspired pieces that allow us to entertain and throw a dinner party to remember!

With many of us now preferring to retreat back to our own nests, staying in is now the new going out. Inviting family and friends over for an evening of laughter and cocktails is the perfect way to unwind at your own leisure and all in the comfort of your own home.

How To Bring This Look To Life

From sumptuous velvets and showstopper furniture pieces, to dramatic lighting and luxurious tableware, these key pieces are all must-haves for pulling together the vibe of this dramatic trend.

To create the perfect bar space, a statement drinks trolley or cocktail cabinet is essential - paired with stylish glasses and unusual tableware, you can make the perfect setting for your guests. With an art deco inspired design, our Mayfair Three Tier Drinks Trolley is perfect for capturing the essence of decadent entertaining.

Bringing style and elegance to any party or special occasion this stunning piece is ideal for artfully displaying ice buckets, glasses and decanters, whilst its unique circular design and white marble detailing enhances this look.Sumptuous velvets in rich shades exude a luxurious appeal that is the life and soul of this trend. Upholstered in an elegant lime velvet, this beautiful Art-Deco inspired Chelsea Tulip Chair is an essential for bringing decadent entertaining to life.

Accessorising with a touch of quirky design brings an edgy appeal to this trend, and our White Monkey with Bowl Figure is the perfect addition to add character and charm to any work surface or bar. Filled with fruits to aid the perfect cocktail, this cheeky little guy adds impact.

With a nod towards the drama of the ‘20’s era, bring ambience to your space by adding minimalistic lighting throughout to really enhance your space. Understated pendant lighting or glass chandeliers are ideal, and we just love this Cylindrical Wire Pendant Light in gold finish. Grouped together in clusters or individually spaced across a bar, this pendant light is perfect for capturing the essence of decadent entertaining.

Key Pieces From The Collection: 

White Monkey with Bowl Figure
White Monkey with Bowl Figure
Mayfair Collection Reclaimed Elm Coffee Table
Mayfair Collection Reclaimed Elm Coffee Table