Inspiration Manager Role

by Libby Roberts

Could you be our Inspiration Manager?

Olivia’s prides itself on providing an eclectic portfolio of products that will appeal to anybody’s design taste. Whether you love contemporary Scandanavian style, or the ornate artistry of the Middle East, we have you covered. 

This as you can imagine is no small feat, especially as we’re expanding our offering.

So, with that in mind we’re on the lookout for an Inspiration Manager to join our team. This isn’t like any normal job though. We want someone with a design flare and a knack for social media, who is happy to travel and discover the untouched interior design trends from across the world. 

Now to the nitty gritty of the job...

Inspiration Manager

Entry requirements

No previous design experience or qualifications required 

Must be able to demonstrate a keen interest in interiors and an artistic flare, as well as social media skills

Those who have built an interior-centric following on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or on a personal blog are at a strong advantage

Must be 18 years old +

Have a full clean driving license and British passport

Job specification 

£50,000 pro-rata salary

20 days holiday

Travel and accommodation expenses covered 

The successful candidate will be travelling to areas such as the Middle East, Scandinavia, India and South America, to discover the latest trends in interiors, so we can develop new international partnerships and expand our current portfolio of products. Our Inspiration Manager will also need to populate our social media channels with content from their travels, interior inspo and our products. 

Monthly reports from their travels will need to be completed and sent to our senior management team detailing their progress. We’re after a real ‘go-getter’ who is comfortable in unfamiliar environments and making important business decisions. 

The deadline for submissions is the 14th of February, we look forward to hearing from you!  



Nick Moutter founder of Olivia’s, said,

“Olivia’s prides itself on bringing the latest interior design to British people’s homes, however as our customer base has grown, so has our need to have a single employee focussing solely on new trends. Interiors is a huge industry, where the fashion changes as quickly as the catwalks, so our Inspiration Manager will need to have the energy to travel to every corner of the globe, and the intuition to spot what’s going to be the next big style for our homes. 


“I can imagine this is going to be a dream job for a lot of interior enthusiasts out there. We’re not concerned about qualifications or even experience, what we’re looking for is someone who can demonstrate their passion and eye for interior design. As the job role includes social media content management, we also need someone who is savvy in this arena and digitally creative - which in today’s age doesn’t exclude too many people. I encourage anyone who loves all things interior to apply, we’re excited to get our Inspiration Manager on a plane!”