Get the look: New Nordic

by Alice Sisson

Danish inspired with beautifully simple designs, New Nordic shows us how to combine the essence of Scandi-minimalism, with all the cosiness of natural woods and warming textures.

New Nordic is the perfect combination of practical, yet comfortably stylish living.

Embracing a neutral colour palette from the use of natural materials - there is something stunning about the simplicity of Scandinavian living.

The term 'Nordic,' refers to countries including Sweden, Iceland, Denmark, Finland and Norway. Given their northerly location, natural light and warmth are two highly sought after commodities which are savoured as much as possible within their interiors.

This trend is intentionally designed to uplift darker rooms through its minimal and sleek aesthetic. Spacious layouts and clean-lined furniture allow natural light to flood the room and create a luminous, airy atmosphere.

Nordic style furniture is exceptionally smooth in its lines and chic - less is always more.

A great way to take the cold edge off a Nordic interior is to introduce some soft, pastel colours.

Designed to be relaxing and inviting, this trend is found best with subdued tones and high contrast combinations. You'll generally find, a Nordic interior employs colour through its accents, whilst the walls remain light and neutral to reflect natural light as efficiently as possible.

The key with this trend is knowing when to stop. Too little colour, and you're bordering minimalism. Too much, and you may have misplaced the clean, serene look Nordic style represents.

Best practice is to choose a limited, saturated palette that's based upon monochromatic tones, and repeat it through the entire room. 

What sets New Nordic aside from pure minimalism, is not only the inclusion of warmer colours, but layering textiles and foliage. Whatever the room, textiles add warmth and bring about a cosy essence. Simply adding a couple of accent cushions in a supple, organic fabric alongside a shaggy rug will finish the look off elegantly.

Be selective with your choice of foliage. It gives new dimension to an airy atmosphere, but it can lean towards a Botanical aesthetic if overdone. The same rules apply with foliage as it does furniture. Look out for clean, stylish lines in the plants you choose. Whimsical plants and bracken are a great way to highlight the raw wood textures, as opposed to hiding it under a leafy canopy.

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